“Even if counseling is something you’ve never considered before, I recommend taking advantage of these free sessions; it could be beneficial to have an unbiased outsider to talk about your problems with.” – Lien Tran, 2019


Free testing sites

  • See here for how health insurance works and key terms.
  • Make sure you have your insurance cards and paperwork accessible when at school!
  • All WashU students are required to have medical insurance that meets the university’s requirements. If you don’t have insurance or don’t waive out (see below), you will be automatically billed for WashU’s United HealthCare insurance plan
  • If you already have insurance that meets the university’s requirements (Medicaid does not), you can waive out of WashU insurance
  • WashU (United HealthCare Student) insurance
    • Can be used outside of Missouri (in the United States, and some international locations)
    • Only medical care is automatically billed and coverable by SHS, dental and vision care is an additional cost (see below’s financial assistance section for more information)
    • If you are wondering which institutions accept the insurance or what services are covered, contact United HealthCare.
Financial Assistance
  • SFS grant to cover cost of WashU (United HealthCare Student Plan) insurance
    • All pell-eligible students who cannot opt-out of WashU insurance should be able to have their cost of insurance covered. 
    • Email your SFS counselor to request for a grant to cover insurance costs.
      • Must be done every year (not automatically renewed). 
  • Some of our office’s funds can be helped to offset some of these costs. 

Physical Health

  • Free gyms at WashU for undergrads
    • The S40 Fitness Center is located on the second level above Bear’s Den on the South 40.
    • The Sumers Recreation Center has weight rooms, basketball courts, cardio equipment, a swimming pool and is located on the Danforth campus
      • You can also show up (on a first-come, first-served basis) for free classes at the Rec Center
  • Join an intramural sports team or sports club.
  • Habif Health and Wellness Center is located on the South 40
  • Services offered include general check-ups, STI screening, vaccinations, and pharmacy 
    • Free flu shots in October and November annually

Mental Health

  • Make your health a priority. 
  • Habif Health and Wellness Center is located on the South 40
    • All WashU students receive 9 free sessions with a Habif counselor per semester
      • Habif counselors are not suited for long-term counseling
    • All Habif appointments can be made through the online portal for students. You can send messages to doctors and care providers from WashU through the portal. If you have prescriptions to refill, you can call the pharmacy at 314-935-6662. They only accept electronic prescription refills. 
      • Appointments are typically booked out quickly, so make sure to at least schedule an appointment 2 weeks to a month in advance.
      •  Remember not to miss your appointment as you will get fined $20.
  • Off-campus therapy options that accept WashU insurance
  • Peer counseling
    • Uncle Joe’s is a student-run peer counseling service that offers one time per issue counseling sessions free of charge. They are available in their office on the Gregg storefront every night from 10:00 pm – 1:00 am as well as 24/7 through their hotline.
    • S.A.R.A.H. is a 24/7 student-run free anonymous counseling hotline on topics including, but not limited to, feelings, sexual assault, sexual harrassment, intimate partner and sexual violence, relationships, mental and sexual health.

Sexual Health