The Student Success Fund provides consideration for financial assistance to address emergency and educational enrichment expenses. Emergency expenses include circumstances surrounding situations such as accidents, illness or death of a family member, medical copays, etc. Educational enrichment expenses include graduate/professional school admissions tests, travel assistance for graduate/professional school or employment interview, etc. Currently, these funds are accessible to full-time, undergraduate students in any academic degree program. The funds remain open all year. 

The Student Success Fund is designed to meet needs that are directly and indirectly related to a student’s successful and robust progression to and through Washington University. It should be noted, however, that the Student Success Fund is not intended to be used for routine expenses or as a consistent supplement to a student’s educational funding sources. Students should apply to the Student Success Fund when they have exhausted all other resources. The Student Success Fund application will ask for details on how the expenses were unanticipated and why the student is unable to meet the expense. Additionally, if students are requesting that a grant reimburse a purchase made, students may be subject to follow-up questions before a decision about their application is made.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis and usually receive a response within two weeks

The application link can be found at the bottom of the “Resources for Student Success Page.” For general inquiries or questions about one’s applications, students should reach out to or