What is the Taylor STARS Guide?

This guide is a compilation of advice written by Taylor STARS students since our community was created. We recognize that WashU is a heavily wealthy institution and it can be isolating entering this campus as a low-income, first-generation student. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with information that seeks to “de-class-ify” the student experience at WashU! COVID-19: Because of COVID, there are some aspects of the guide that are no longer applicable. Additional information with the label “COVID-19” where applicable are made in most of these sections. However, there are definitely some that we may have missed. So, check the hyperlinked websites or offices with the most up-to-date information! If you have any suggestions for updates to the website (or if you find any errors), please email the SPC team (deneb.spc@gmail.com).

Content Writers

Class of 2018 Lily Grier         Madeline McHugh         Abigail Niehaus         Emily Weber         Molly Magnell Class of 2019 Lien Tran         Matt Revilla         Alex Madrid         Alex Rutherford         Tom Hutchison Jaehee Kim    Nakia Dean         KC Diaz                 James Schisler            Sabrina Tannehill     


Jessica Yu ‘21          Alex Madrid ‘19

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Sparkle Whitaker ‘22