How long does it take to process my application?
  • Please allow for two (2) weeks for the application to be reviewed and payment to be processed into your account.
  • Once reviewed and approved, it should take up to an additional two (2) weeks for processing and payment into your account.
What happens if I lose my receipt?

We ask the students make a good attempt to find a duplicate copy or show the debited amount from their bank account. Consistently lost receipts may hinder the students’ ability to apply for future requests.

What do I do if I do if my receipt contains other purchases?

Please list in the notes option when uploading your receipt what items shown in the receipt grant funding covered.

What steps do I take if I have an emergency?

We ask students with emergency situations to complete an application and reach out directly via email to alert the Student Success Fund Manager of the situation. This additional step is only for emergency situations.

If I am an international student who does not receive aid but comes from a limited-income background, can I apply?

Yes, The Student Success Fund Manager will work with Student Financial Services to determine if you have financial need.

If I am undocumented, have DACA, or another immigration status, can I apply?

Yes, The Student Success Fund Manager will work with Student Financial Services to determine if you have financial need.

Is there any support for graduate students?

Yes. Graduate students are eligible for funding through the Black Alumni Emergency Fund but applicants must be able to demonstrate how they contribute to the diversity of the university. This support is only able to go up to $500 if approved.

What request can the SSF NOT approve?
  • WUSTL and external tuition
  • Housing deposits/damages
  • Rent
  • Technology (computers, laptops, iPads, etc)
  • Recurring bills (utilities, cell, etc. *except mental health expenses)
  • Textbooks/Course fees/Cost of attendance (Meet with SFS Advisor)
  • Travel for fall and spring break (Beginning and end of semester travel, meet with SFS Advisor)
  • Bear Bucks
  • Meal Points (Apply for Food Security Fund found on Dining Services website)
  • Parking/tickets
  • Taxes (SFS can provide limited grants)
What are the approved requested items and their cap amounts?
  • Professional/Winter Attire •Max:Up to $250 (two-time allowance)
  • Healthcare Bills •Max: Up to 50%, cap at $500 (annual)
  • Graduation Regalia •Max: Current cost of regalia
  • Graduation Family Travel •Max: Up to 50% and cap at $500 (one-time allowance)
  • Study Abroad Flight •Max: $1000 (one-time allowance)
  • Passport/Visa Fees •Max: 50% (one-time allowance)
  • Graduate/Professional Needs (MCAT, LSAT, DAT, exam, prep materials, etc.) •Max: Up to $1000 (one-time allowance)
  • Professional Development (Conferences, interviews, etc.)•Max: Up to $500 (two-time allowance)
  • Mental Health•(After 9 free virtual sessions with Habif) •Max: $1500 (per semester)
  • Leadership and Campus Involvement: Up to $250 (per semester)
  • Miscellaneous emergencies (travel, car, etc.) •Max: To be determined, and cap at discretion of Student Success Fund Manager
  • Phone Repair •Max: Up to 50%, cap at $250