If WashU has not given you enough money in your financial aid package, you can and should ask for more. – Lien Tran, 2019

How to Request for More Financial Aid

  • Make an appointment with your financial aid officer to discuss your package
  • Come in with facts ready. If you’re going to ask for more money, there has to be a reason why.
  • Financial Aid packages are based on what FAFSA tells the university so the best way to make your case is to prove that FAFSA doesn’t accurately reflect your family situation.
    • Some of the reasons can be medical expenses, living in more expensive areas, or a change in your financial situation since filling out FAFSA.
    • It is recommended for you come in with some sort of data to show them you’ve done your research.
  • Be polite but firm.
  • Example below: Student made an Excel sheet that showed the increase in the cost of attendance v. the increase in their financial aid package. This student was able to get $3500 added to their financial aid.
Example Email to Request for More Financial Aid
Example Email to Request for More Financial Aid

Supplemental Funds

Student Success Fund

  • Taylor STARS offers this fund for students in a variety of situations and is the broadest fund in The Taylor Family Center for Student Success. Please talk to  Lucy Chin (email: lucy.w.chin@wustl.edu) if you have any questions and feel free to apply for funds directly on our website.

Opportunity Fund

  • Grants that can help pay for Student Union activities (i.e. rock climbing gym membership, membership fees)

For more funds (including mental health, community engagement, etc.), please refer to our “Resources for Student Success” page.

For more information on other grants funded by WashU (First-Year Startup Grant, Technology Grant, Bookstore Credit), please refer to Q&A section of the Financial Aid Office page.