The Office for Student Success understands that there are costs associated with being a student at Washington University, which are not covered in a standard financial aid package. We recognize that, oftentimes, these costs shift from semester to semester and may fall outside of what is considered part of a student’s traditional “cost of attendance.” Our office, in collaboration with partners across campus, is committed to ensuring that students are neither unnecessarily burdened by these costs nor negatively impacted by unexpected situations that may arise during their time at WashU. To support students who face unexpected financial challenges, in 2017, the Office for Student Success began coordinating various financial resources to promote student success. The funds are need-based sources of support available to full-time undergraduate students that may provide funding across a variety of circumstances.

Should students find themselves in need of financial assistance, there are various grants for which they may be eligible:

Student Success Fund:

    • Designed to remove financial barriers or strains related to low-income students’ successful progression to and through their university experience.
    • Grants may be used to fund:
        • Living expenses
        • Academic expenses
        • Medical expenses
        • Purchases related to post-graduation preparation or experiences
        • Computer and/or technology purchases
        • Costs associated with professional development opportunities
        • Emergency travel
        • Study abroad experiences

Student Union Mental Health Fund:

    • Designed to support low-income students who otherwise may be unable to afford mental health care services, including but not limited to:
        • Co-payments for therapy, counseling, or psychiatry appointments (on-going or emergency)
        • Transportation to and from mental health care appointments
        • Testing associated with mental health care treatment or diagnosis
        • Medication or related material purchases

Student Union Opportunity Fund:

    • Designed to facilitate equitable access to the various Student Union affiliated events that are organized across campus by helping to off-set the cost of participation in any SU student group activity, event, or program.

Civic Engagement Opportunity Fund:

    • Designed to provide funding for students from under-resources socio-economic backgrounds who require financial assistance in order to secure transportation or purchase resources related to projects pertaining to community and civic engagement.

Application instructions and specific timelines for each grant can be found on the individual program pages. Please make sure to review the requirements for each grant type carefully.

Should students have any questions about funding opportunities or have an emergency situation that requires immediate assistance, please visit the Office for Student Success during our weekly Drop-In Hours, which take place every Monday from 10:00-12:00pm and every Friday from 1:30-3:30pm. Student can also reach out directly to Lucy Chin, Operations Coordinator in the Office for Student Success at

Please note that the processing time for most funding applications is about two weeks. In the case of time sensitive requests, we recommend that you submit an online application as early as possible and also follow-up directly with the Office for Student Success Operations Coordinator.