“Many people stay in St. Louis over spring break due to finances, on-campus activities, and work. Staying on campus can be lonely, but if you are kept busy it can be quite fun. The one downside of staying on campus during breaks is that most of the dining halls have very restricted hours. To combat this, go shopping before the break starts. I usually buy sandwich material and non-perishable items that are easy to cook without much equipment.” – Alex Rutherford, 2019

This section primarily deals with logistics of breaks. For tips on how to travel on a budget, see the “Travel” section of this guide.

  • Fall Break
    • Many students stay on campus for Fall Break— it’s a four day weekend and a nice time to relax on campus or explore St. Louis. 
    • See Travel Section for tips on vacationing elsewhere.
  • Thanksgiving Break
    • Most students go home for Thanksgiving, but if you stay, be sure to go to the annual Taylor STARS Thanksgiving dinner (more info sent out via email every fall).
  • WashU students are allowed to stay in their residence halls over spring break
    • Keep an eye out for an email every spring
  • Many students choose to stay in STL or travel locally during spring break.