Established in October 2018, the Student Union Mental Health Fund (SUMHF) is jointly administered by the Office for Student Success and Washington University’s Student Union. It is designed to alleviate the financial burden placed on students from low-income backgrounds who would like to access mental health care resources. The fund can support students with direct mental health care costs, as well as indirect costs affiliated with mental health care.

Eligible students are invited to apply for funding and will be notified of their eligibility within the first week of each semester. The Mental Health Fund is currently able to cover the following costs:

    • Co-payments for therapy, counseling, or psychiatry appointments (on-going or emergency)
    • Transportation to and from mental health care appointments
    • Testing associated with mental health care treatment or diagnosis
    • Medication or related material purchases

Students who have costs that fall outside of these categories are still welcome to submit a request and are also invited to reach out directly to the Operations Coordinator who can be reached by email at

The fund currently operates only during the academic semesters, and is not able to support students during Summer or Winter Break. When submitting an application, please keep this in mind.

Specific dates of operation for the 2020-21 school year and an updated process overview will be provided at the beginning of August. From May 15-August 15, 2020, however, the fund is closed and not accepting new applications.

The Mental Health Fund also works in collaboration with the Care Manager at WashU’s Habif Health and Wellness Center. For students that may be eligible for financial assistance, but are still seeking support in finding mental health care options both on- and off-campus, they should first reach out to the Care Manager and then submit an application for funding through the Mental Health Fund.

Finally, for students that receive SUMHF funding during any given Fall semester, you will not be required to complete another application for any continuing costs that you will incur throughout the Spring. Please look out for an email from the Operations Coordinator at the beginning of each semester to discuss the continuation of funding, which is not guaranteed across semesters, but may be considered based on available funding. Between academic years, students will be asked to submit new request forms.

General inquiries about the funding process can be directed to Lucy Chin at or to the general Office for Student Success email,