Loren Owens

Loren Owens

Administrative Coordinator

Loren Owens is a First-Gen Business Communications and Management baccalaureate graduate. She currently serves as the Administrative Coordinator for the Taylor Family for Student Success coordinating and facilitating general operations for the team’s programming and serves as a point of contact for our students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, she provides direct executive support to the Executive Director of TFC.

Loren comes from a healthcare background providing hands-on patient care and administrative support for over 14 years. She serves as an Emotional and Relationship Life Coach outside of her role providing general non-clinical guidance for the mind, body, and spirit. Loren is passionate about serving her community and providing safe spaces as well as resources to those with limited access. She is driven by altruistic opportunities and aims to find innovative ways to make noticeable differences in students’ lives.

Fun Facts about Loren

I love music of all genres. A hit is a hit!I love to laugh and make others laugh! I started out as a psych major, and I still firmly believe psychological thrillers are the best thing that ever happened to literature and television.