Harvey R. Fields Jr., Ph.D

Associate Dean for Student Success

Dr. Fields is Associate Dean for Student Success in the Office of Student Success at Washington University in St. Louis (WashU). Dr. Fields is responsible for initiating and managing the Office’s HALO (Holistic Alignment of Learning Objectives) programming – the suite of academic initiatives affiliated with the Office for Student Success and the Deneb STARS Program. These programs, including the Meaningful Work Study initiative, are designed to enrich students academically, professionally, civically and personally. Dr. Fields is the University representative for the Ivy-Plus First Generation Low Income (FGLI) Administrators’ Consortium and the liaison for the 1vyG Student Conference.

Dr. Fields earned his doctorate in chemistry at WashU, serving as an academic tutor and post-doctoral lecturer during graduate studies. Hired as a Retention and Academic Advisor in Cornerstone, Dr. Fields created the Academic Mentoring Program – the success and expansion of which contributed to his appointment as Assistant Director for Academic Programs. In 2013, directorship of WashU’s federally funded TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) project was added. In Cornerstone, Dr. Fields worked to break down barriers for low-income students and to create a campus culture that values diversity and inclusion.

The Provost appointed Dr. Fields to chair a senior-level administrators’ advisory group on socioeconomic diversity. Dr. Fields conducted an internal audit, searched the literature, visited peer institutions and wrote a report entitled “Increasing Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity at Washington University in St. Louis: Building Capacity in the Existing University Infrastructure.”  The report summarized the state of the University’s preparedness to accommodate an increased population of Pell-eligible students and offered recommendations, some of which have been implemented, to prepare the college to facilitate students’ full engagement in academic and campus life.

TRiO-eligible as an undergraduate at Morehouse College and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Fields earned undergraduate degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering, respectively; worked eleven years for Procter & Gamble in various engineering and management positions; and served as pastor of a local church for over twenty-six years.  Dr. Fields has been recognized by the University and St. Louis community for his expertise in teaching and mentoring students.