To Join Deneb STARS:

Students who receive an invitation to participate in the Deneb STARS Program must secure their spot and communicate their intent to participate by completing the Deneb STARS Enrollment Form.

After completing the Deneb STARS Enrollment Form, you will receive a confirmation of your placement within the Deneb STARS Program and you will also begin to receive outreach from the Office for Student Success, including programming updates and information to help you plan for your arrival on-campus this August.

The Deneb STARS Program will officially begin on August 16, 2019 at 5:00 pm, which is one day prior to the University’s orientation program. Students and their families are invited to arrive early and take part in our Early Arrival Program. Please plan your travel to the University accordingly and reach out to the Coordinator for Student Success as soon as possible if the early arrival presents a challenge for you or your family.

Over the Summer:

Between submitting your enrollment form and arriving for the Early Arrival Program, the Office for Student Success be in touch via communications to both students and parents. We will send outreach to the personal emails that students list in their enrollment form, as well as their WUSTL email addresses once those are set-up.

Please make sure to check your personal and WUSTL email at least once a week. Communication from our office will include tips for a smooth transition to campus, as well as forms that we will need students to complete to plan for our beginning of year programming.

If you are participating in FSAP, you will get to know our office through a variety of programs hosted by the Office for Student Success.

For any students or family members who have questions about the Deneb STARS Program or the Early Arrival Program, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are more than happy to answer whatever questions arise as you prepare for WashU via email, a phone call, or in-person visit if you find yourself on campus!

During the School Year:

The Office for Student Success offers a number of social, academic, and professional development programs for Deneb STARS participants. Many of these programs are opt-in or informal. With that said, there are a handful of events that every first-year Deneb STARS is expected to participate in:

  • Early Arrival Program
  • First-Year Fall Retreat
  • Regular meetings with your Aspirational Peer Mentor
  • Monthly Pod Meetings
  • Engagement in the intentional and intensive academic support networks made available through the Office

Students should expect to contribute between 1-2 hours per week to the Deneb community. Consistency and commitment by students helps to ensure that our programming is high-quality and responsive to student need.

If you have questions about the annual expectations of student participants, please reach out to the Coordinator for Student Success.