Named for the farthest star that can be seen with the unaided eye, Deneb STARS (Sustaining Talented and Academically Recognized Students) is a cohort program, which supports students throughout their four-years on campus. Deneb provides students who are the first in their family to attend college or who are from limited resourced socioeconomic backgrounds, with resources and community before, during, and beyond their time at Washington University in St. Louis so that they may excel and access all the opportunities that WashU has to offer.

Deneb STARS develops students as leaders both within and beyond the Office for Student Success. Through peer mentorship, professional development, and a multitude of academic engagements, Deneb STARS create a tight-knit family and contribute to the overall Washington University community.

Resources available to Deneb STARS include:

Aspirational Peer Mentors

Textbook Lending Library

Social Programs

Sophomore Peer Mentors

Orientation Program

Professional Development

Opportunities to Lead

The Deneb Suite 

Strong Community



Students who are a part of Deneb STARS will experience programming and support specifically attuned to the operational pillars that guide our work. Though each year has a distinct focus, the following pillars comes through in each of the programs and resources made available to Deneb STARS. The operational pillars build on one another and serve as a strong foundation for students to explore meaningful curricular and co-curricular opportunities while at Washington University.

Deneb STARS Operational Pillars